The commissioning process explained

The brief

If possible we like to visit the client to see where the intended piece of furniture is to go. This is useful in gathering the information we need about the piece: its purpose, size, and surroundings, the customer's tastes, and the budget or deadline we need to work within.

The design

Next, we prepare designs for discussion, together with estimated costs. After full consultation with the client and any necessary design modifications, we put forward our final proposals, including an estimate or firm quotation. We generally don't charge for the design process, but in those cases where a charge is applicable (e.g. large or very technical jobs) we always make this clear in advance.

The order

At the point of ordering we ask a twenty percent deposit, and work begins on making the piece. For us, this is as much a creative process as designing - we rarely work from rigid blueprints, so some details are left to the workshop rather than the drawing-board. Clients are always welcome to come and see their work in progress, and share in the pleasure of seeing their piece evolve.

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